10 Affordable but Exciting Travel Destinations for 2018

You love to travel. You want to go for a holiday but you don’t have a big bank account. It really doesn’t matter because even with a little budget you can travel to some of the beautiful places across the globe. If you do a little bit research, you will find out that some of the cheapest countries in the world not only provides you some amazing destination but it will give you great experiences and value.

Here we are going to look at some of the budget-friendly destinations for backpackers and travelers.

1. Koh Tao, Thailand

If you want to experience scuba diving, this is the place where you enjoy wholeheartedly because scuba diving is the cheapest here. You will find more foreign travelers than local people in Thailand since the country is very cheap. One of the best things is here you can have the beer for $1 in any supermarket and if you are a solo traveler you don’t have to go to expensive hotels. You can easily get a hostel bed for $10 or even lesser. If you live in Bangkok for 1 month you won’t be spending more than $500 including the basic amenities. Thailand is always considered as one of the best backpacking destinations for travelers and definitely among the best places to visit especially if you travel alone.

2. Philippines

If you like small ferry trips or longer ones where you just need to spend a couple of bucks, trust me you are going to have a lifetime of experience in this beautiful destination. You can choose your own bed in the ferry which takes from one island to another. It is a bit time consuming but it is fun. You get a number of things to do in the Philippines and especially you shouldn’t miss El Nido. You can go for camping on the Kalanggaman Island or you can travel to Siquijo Island. If you like boating you can visit the Palawan by boat. Travelling in this country is so cheap that you can enjoy all the accommodations here. Street food is between $1 and $3 and a haircut is $2.

3. Laos

Laos has become one of the well-known tourist spots especially for backpackers and for adventure travelers. You can tour the whole place by renting a bike or a scooter. In a basic guest house, rooms are rented for $10 a night. You can try out varieties of food which are very cheap and tastes finger licking good. A pancake consisting of bananas and pineapples costs around $3.

You can get in the villages where the locals are friendly and provide rented rooms to tourists.Travellers have an option of staying in small villages surrounded by rice fields, hillocks, farm and a bit of mountain in some area. Camping and hiking are done on the islands near the Mekong River where you can spot rare kinds of dolphins.

4. Indonesia

If you are an ardent solo traveler, Indonesia should be on your bucket list. This is a place where you can eat lunch and dinner for less than a dollar and you can happily eat with the locals. There are lot more things other than Bali. From beaches to mountains and jungles and the volcanoes to the rainforest where you meet the wildlife, Indonesia itself has a world. There are a lot of places to visit in Java and Sumatra. You will love exploring the Komodo islands and Flores and you just have to spend less than $5 dollar for food & drinks.

5. Guatemala

Many of you doesn’t know that Guatemala — the small country in Central America — is one of the cheapest countries to travel in. Do not miss the beautiful village in Lake Panajachel. The Mayan temples in Tikal, which are located in the northern jungles forms a lovely sight. Another jaw-dropping area is the lake of Atitlan situated in the highlands, surrounded by volcanoes and villages. If you want to enjoy river rafting or a few water sports you need to explore Semuc Champey, a place filled with river caves. You can enjoy swimming through cascading pools in the jungle.

6. Vietnam

Starting from Karst Islands of Ha Long Bay to the floating markets in the Mekong, Vietnam is known for its cheap accommodation and transportation. And a good news for solo travelers you get extremely cheap alcohol here. Only the locals know about it but in some hostels in Vietnam, free beer is available at specific times at night. You will find the two most popular hostels which are Hanoi Party Backpacker Hostel and Hanoi Backpackers Hostel Downtown.

7. Iran

Many backpackers don’t generally prefer this place because we get to view a lot of negative activities through media. But trust me,
visiting Iran will always be a great experience. Iran is an authentic destination if you check the best backpack destinations in South East Asia.

8. Nepal

Did you trek in the Himalayas? You should try out Nepal is the cheapest country in the world to travel not because of the price but due to its breathtaking nature, the amazing views and the majestic Himalayan peaks. The Himalayas are a great place for hiking and if you are carrying your hiking boots, try to go for the Annapurna range. You can go for camping in the bed of the mountains and have the street food cooked by the locals.

9. India

Thanks to the media, people nowadays no longer hesitate to come to India. But believe me, if you want to tour India, you need to travel at least a month and you can visit every landscape right from the snow-capped Himalayan mountains in the north to the beautiful beaches of Kanyakumari in the south. India is a land of various culture and a wide diversity. If you start from the capital Delhi, you need at least 2 days to visit the city. The best part is you don’t need to rent hostel rooms. There are various ranges of hotels right from luxurious suites to smaller ones for backpackers and never miss eating on the street or else you will miss the real Indian cuisine.

10. Ukraine

It is the cheapest destination in Europe and a lovely place for backpackers. You can go for camping and trekking. Don’t miss exploring the coastal city of Odessa in the Black Sea.

If you look at some of the backpack destination above, you will find that countries in Southeast Asia such as places in Vietnam and Indonesia are quite affordable and will give you some amazing destinations. These countries are easy to visit and you will always lot of travelers from across the world. The big advantage here is more than the local language, English is spoken widely which makes it easier for foreign tourists.