The Funny-Farm Backpackers Hotel 

The Funny-Farm Backpackers Hotel is the ski agreeable hostel in Interlaken, and Interkalen needn’t bother with attention for skiers and snowboarders. Everyone knows its extraordinary ski inclines, immaculate incline offices and wild night-life. The Funny-Farm Backpackers Hotel welcomes you to revel in the superb Bernese Oberland and offers ski bundles in the winter season. All rooms have perspectives of the encompassing mountains including the Jungfrau. After a sunny day of skiing and snowboarding, you can slow down with a beverage in the advantageous bar found in Funny-Farm Backpackers/Hotel! 

Explorers Villa Sonnenhof

The hostel in the European nations canton of Bern gives a stunning viewpoint of the close-by mounds and wildernesses. The two number of season old chalet was rebuilt throughout the span of a season and capacities 50 trendy areas with up to seven sleeping pads. A few areas have an excellent viewpoint of the 4000-meter-high, snow secured slopes. Paragliding, outing, cruising and a line park give brave visitors an opportunity to uncover the more stunning side of the European nations Alps. Around evening time, visitors can make utilization of the hostel’s melodies range, equipped with a guitar and instruments, or then again interface socially in the on area joint bar.